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sleepkissing's Journal

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sleepkissing is a members-only community for fashion & model icons. you'll need to join to see the posts.

guidelines are as follows: credit is optional, hotlinking is not. do not hotlink any of my images. Please comment if you take any icons, I really only ask this because I like to know when someone is enjoying using my icons. also, please keep in mind that I have a particularly severe case obsessive-compulsive disorder (which I manage to keep under control by channeling it into my icon making), so when I end up getting too much time on my hands I will go back and edit / delete / compile icon posts further deleting your comments and suggestions. If you had something to say and I deleted the post and recycled the icons or if you have something new to say, my email is kleinekussen @ gmail.com.

if you're looking for a full photo/editorial from a specific icon, I would be happy to help you out - just ask.

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